Is Steffan Effenberg’s plan to stop Bayern Munich dominance effective?

Is Steffan Effenberg’s plan to stop Bayern Munich dominance effective?

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Is Steffan Effenberg’s plan to stop Bayern Munich dominance effective?

A couple hours a go Steffan Effenberg came up with an idea how to stop Bayern Munich dominance.

This year same as the last six years Bayern Munich will win the Bundes liga with more than 10 points difference from the team that will reach second position.

Bayern Munich fans will be happy to see the trophy again in the club, however there are some former legends as Steffan Effenberg that thinks that this situation is highly detrimental for the Bundes liga and the teams competing in it.

Steffan Effenberg has a proposal which might make the league more attractive, I believe that this is the case in Brazil.

In the first part of the season the teams will be split in two groups of 9 teams and each team will plays against each other. At mid-season Top 4 teams from both groups and the best placed on 5th position will compete in newly created group let’s call it Top group and they all start again with zero points.

The Germans are well-known for their “total football” and this change might give attractiveness to the league, but I don’t believe that this will end the dominance of Bayern Munich.

It might even lower the attractiveness of the Bundes League since by qualification to this group of top 9, as per the current rules, 6 of them will qualify either directly in the Champions League or Europa League.

What might improve the attractiveness and balance the teams is to give everyone a chance.

This can be achieved with the following:

The teams that will qualify for second group will compete for one place for the qualifications for the Champions league and two places for Europa League.

The last two placed teams from the second group will be relegated, and the last team from group one will play a relegation match with a team from the second German league.

Why do I believe that all these changes will balance the teams?

As we are all aware the football players play for money, lot more than a regular person can ever earn in his lifetime.

The main source of incomes for the Bundes liga  for season 2015/2016 according to are as follows:

• Match revenue 16.26%
• Advertising 23.81%
• Media Receipts 28.77%
• Transfers 16.41%
• Merchandising 6.22%
• Other takings 8.52%

As you can notice the Media Receipts represents the main source of income, but with the new deal for TV rights there will be even bigger gap in the earnings per team, the top 6 teams will make between 100 mil. To 120 mil. Euro while bottom club will receive minimum 60 mil. Euro.

With the new TV rights deal and eventual acceptance of Steffan Effenberg proposal, and my improvements, the gap between the teams from the first and the second group will be decreased. They will have a chance to earn extra from international competitions, which may also give the teams from second group to develop players which can be targets for bigger teams, thus securing bigger transfer deals from them.

What do you think will this be a good model for Bundes League, or it might be applicable to other leagues as well?


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