The Most Popular Football Teams in the World

The Most Popular Football Teams in the World

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Most Popular Football Teams, LogosMost Popular Football Teams

The Most Popular Football Teams in the World

Have you ever wondered who are the most popular football teams in the world?

Look no further, we have prepared the list of 20 most popular football teams in the world.

The initial point of this analysis was this article  for the top earning clubs in the world based on a research made by Deloitte big thanks for them!

The source of the data analyzed are the Official Facebook Pages of the Football Teams, the number of followers on their Twitter Accounts and Instagram.

Please note that the football ranking represents the information available at the moment of the creation of this analysis. The number of Facebook likes and followers can and will vary in time.

The number of Facebook likes, Twitter and Instagram are in the range of 300.000 to 106 mil. likes.

Here is the list:

  1. Real Madrid
    Real Madrid, Logo
    Real Madrid

    Facebook  Ranking   1
    Twitter      Ranking   1
    Instagram Ranking   1

  2. Barcelona
    FC Barcelona, Logo
    FC Barcelona

    Facebook  Ranking   2
    Twitter      Ranking   2
    Instagram Ranking   2

  3. Manchester United
    Manchester United, Logo
    Manchester United

    Facebook  Ranking   3
    Twitter      Ranking   3
    Instagram Ranking   3

  4. Chelsea
    Chelsea, Logo

    Facebook  Ranking   4
    Twitter      Ranking   5
    Instagram Ranking   6

  5. Arsenal
    Arsenal, Logo

    Facebook  Ranking   6
    Twitter      Ranking   4
    Instagram Ranking   7

  6. Bayern Munich
    Bayern Munich, Logo
    Bayern Munich

    Facebook  Ranking   5
    Twitter      Ranking   10
    Instagram Ranking   4

  7. Paris Saint-Germain
    Paris Saint-Germain,Logo
    Paris Saint-Germain

    Facebook  Ranking   7
    Twitter      Ranking   7
    Instagram Ranking   5

  8. Juventus

    Facebook  Ranking   8
    Twitter      Ranking   8
    Instagram Ranking   8

  9. Liverpool

    Facebook  Ranking   9
    Twitter      Ranking   6
    Instagram Ranking   10

  10. Manchester City
    Manchester City,Logo
    Manchester City

    Facebook  Ranking  10
    Twitter      Ranking   9
    Instagram Ranking   9

  11. Borussia Dortmund
    Borussia Dortmund,logo
    Borussia Dortmund

    Facebook  Ranking  11
    Twitter      Ranking   12
    Instagram Ranking   11

  12. Atletico de Madrid
    Atletico de Madrid
    Atletico de Madrid

    Facebook  Ranking  12
    Twitter      Ranking   11
    Instagram Ranking   12

  13.  Tottenham Hotspur
    Tottenham Hotspur, Logo
    Tottenham Hotspur

    Facebook  Ranking  13
    Twitter      Ranking   13
    Instagram Ranking   15

  14. Internazionale
    Inter Milan, Logo
    Inter Milan

    Facebook  Ranking  14
    Twitter      Ranking   14
    Instagram Ranking   14

  15.  Leicester City
    Leicester City, Logo
    Leicester City

    Facebook  Ranking  15
    Twitter      Ranking   18
    Instagram Ranking   13

  16.  SSC Napoli
    Napoli, Logo

    Facebook  Ranking  16
    Twitter      Ranking   17
    Instagram Ranking   16

  17. Everton
    Everton, Logo

    Facebook  Ranking  17
    Twitter      Ranking   15
    Instagram Ranking   17

  18. West Ham United
    West Ham United, Logo
    West Ham United

    Facebook  Ranking  19
    Twitter      Ranking   16
    Instagram Ranking   18

  19. Schalke 04
    Schalke 04, Logo
    Schalke 04

    Facebook  Ranking  18
    Twitter      Ranking   20
    Instagram Ranking   18

  20. Southampton
    Southampton, Logo

    Facebook  Ranking  20
    Twitter      Ranking   19
    Instagram Ranking   20

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