Paul Pogba drop of form?

Paul Pogba drop of form?

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Paul Pogba drop of form?

In the recent couple of games it has become evident that there is a drop of form of Paul Pogba.

This can be easily verified by checking the ratings he received from the football critics.

However, when you look under the hood you might notice there is a pattern for this drop of form.

Namely, Paul Pogba  is under performing in almost all away matches regardless of the opposing team.

At first I thought that this was due to the fact the he  played in two different positions MC and DMC .

However, there is no differences in his performance data regardless on the position for the away matches.

He has and average rating for all away matches of 7.26 compared to 7.80 for home matches.

What’s noticeable at first sight is that he is not working on organization of the attack in the away matches.


Well, he manages to pass the ball only 53 times on average compared to the 75 in home games, besides this the passes he produces at away games aren’t as accurate as the home games where he passes the ball with 80.87 %  accuracy compared to 87%  in home games.

The drop of form coincides also with the series of 3/4 away matches, and he has shown a drop in the concentration as well.

From the beginning of the year 2018 he has an average of bad control of the ball 4.25 times per game for all away matches,  and he has been disposed of the ball 2.33 times per game.

Manchester United have 2 away matches on the schedule, one in the FA Cup and another one in the Champions League, Mourinho must work on the psychological preparation of Pogba in addition to physical training.

Other then this he must improve his passing skills and to train the balance on the ball.

Without this, he will continue with his bad series of games.


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